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Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

Page Update 23/04/2021

What are Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews?

The purpose of reviews of serious child safeguarding cases, at both local and national level, is to identify improvements to be made to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Learning is relevant locally, but it has a wider importance for all practitioners working with children and families and for the government and policy-makers.

Working Together 2018 sets out the legislative and statutory framework for reviewing serious child safeguarding cases.

The responsibility for how the system learns the lessons from serious child safeguarding incidents lies;

The Brent Safeguarding Partners have made arrangements to identify and review serious child safeguarding cases which, in their view, raise issues of importance in relation to their area. They must commission and oversee the review of those cases, where they consider it appropriate for a review to be undertaken.

The Case Review Group (chaired by the Independent Convener) is the key mechanism agreed by the Brent Safeguarding Partners that will carry out rapid reviews and local child safeguarding practice reviews.

The Case Review Group will report their findings to the Brent Safeguarding Partners for ratification and approval.

Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews

The Brent Safeguarding Partners have agreed a procedure for identifying and reviewing Local Child Safeguarding Cases in Brent.
To view this procedure please click here

Serious Case Reviews

The process above has replaced the Serious Case Review (SCR) process previously undertaken by Brent LSCB.

Child K SCR
Click here to view the most recent SCR conducted by Brent LSCB, published on 23 April 2021.

Requests can be made for copies of previously published Brent SCR reports.

CLICK HERE to submit a request for a previously published Serious Case Review Report. (Published by Brent LSCB)