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Gangs & Young People

A gang is usually considered to be a group of people who spend time in public places that see themselves (and are seen by others) as a noticeable group and engage in a range of criminal activity and violence.

Some of the reasons young people might give for being in a gang:

  • identity
  • a sense of belonging
  • they think it will make them safer
  • they think they will make money

Bonding and group identity are an important part of social life and growing up. But when a bond is based around crime, violence is usually not far away.

Gangs usually have rivals they are fighting and may give the reasons as being about:

  • territory
  • a dispute over a girlfriend or boyfriend
  • an argument where "someone said something about someone"
  • theft
  • drugs
  • disrespect

If you're worried about gangs, it can be difficult to know what to do.


Gangsline provides help and support to young men and women involved in gang culture.

Drop the Weapons

This is a website from the Metropolitan Police where they aim to show you how real people can turn away from violent crime.