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Sexual Exploitation

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a form of sexual abuse that involves the manipulation and/or coercion of young people under the age of 18 into sexual activity.

The young person is used by being made or tricked into doing something sexual sometimes receiving something in return like love, affection, money, drugs or alcohol.

Sexual exploitation can be hard to recognise because you often believe you’re in a good

relationship with the person – or people – who want to abuse your trust in them.

It could be a friend, or group of friends. It could be someone you think of as a boyfriend

or girlfriend. It could be a person or a new group of people you’ve only just got to know.

It could be someone you’ve talked to online.

That’s why it’s so important to look out for the warning signs that someone’s behaviour

towards you may not be all it seems.

#Say Something

There is a national service to report concerns about Child Sexual exploitation and to help Young People understand and recognise the warning signs.


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FACE (Fighting Against Child Exploitation) is a group of young people, male and female, who are aware of the dangers of grooming and sexual exploitation. This website was developed by them to help other young people who are vulnerable or taking risks.

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