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Gangs & Young People

A gang is usually considered to be a group of people who spend time in public places that see themselves (and are seen by others) as a noticeable group and engage in a range of criminal activity and violence.

Some of the reasons young people might give for being in a gang:

Bonding and group identity are an important part of social life and growing up. But when a bond is based around crime, violence is usually not far away.

Gangs usually have rivals they are fighting and may give the reasons as being about:

As a parent you can help protect your child by understanding the issues, recognising the signs and getting further help and support if you need it.

You can tackle the issue of gangs positively by setting a good example and clear boundaries around what is acceptable behaviour and what is not, emphasising the difference between earning something and taking it from others.

Talk to your child without judgement. Remember that they are growing up in a different time from you. Discuss their hopes and aspirations as well as their fears and worries. Praise them for their achievements and make sure they know you are always there for them.

Take an active interest and involvement in your child's life. Talk to them about their school work and their personal interests. Get to know their friends, and their friends' families.

Familiarise yourself with the social networks your child uses. Most of the time, using websites like Facebook, Twitter or Bebo is harmless. However, it’s important to be aware that gangs do sometimes use these sites to organise their activities.

Click on the image below to download an advice leaflet for parents and carers of children affected by gangs.

Gang Awareness - A Parent and Carer Guide 2016
As a result of the increased threats, risks and vulnerabilities facing young people that live in our communities, Care4Children have designed this information pack to assist parents, carers and professionals in recognising the potential dangers affecting young people.

Gang Awareness - A Parent and Carer Guide 2016

Drop the Weapons

This is a website from the Metropolitan Police where they aim to show how real people can turn away from violent crime.


Gangsline is a non-profit organisation established in 2007 to provide help and support to young men and women involved in gang culture.